ISO 9001 - Quality SystemWe supply Elektra electric underfloor heating products throughout the island of Ireland. Contact us today to learn more about how to heat your home efficiently and economically.
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Advantages Of Our Heating Products

Advantages Of Underfloor HeatingHeating Cables Comfortable & Easy To Use

  • You only need to regulate or preset the required temperature
  • Uniform temperature across all rooms it is fitted
  • Low heating surface temperature
  • The cable is screened for its entire length
  • The screen is effectively grounded
  • The differential switch eliminates any shock hazard
Neat Design
  • The heating equipment is unseen
  • Eliminates the need for boiler or heating plant rooms
  • Installation costs are lower compared to traditional systems
  • Running costs are low as the temperature regulation is precise

Underfloor Heating Mats

Simple To Assemble

  • The heating mats are stuck directly to a correctly prepared floor
  • The heating mats assembly is simple and quick
  • The whole heating service is adjusted, controlled by a temperature controller
  • An even temperature spread through the whole room
  • Warm, dry floors achieved in a very short time
  • The system is completely unseen
  • The entire cable length is shielded and earthed or neutralised
  • A diverse power switch to the cable eliminates any danger
  • The installation cost is very low
  • Operating costs are low - temperature can be adjusted to heat the whole room or just the floor surface (tiles,etc.)
Maintenance Free
  • No Maintenance, just a routine electrical inspection periodically is all thatís necessary
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