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Electric Underfloor Heating Mats

Electric Underfloor Heating MatsHeating mats offer a contemporary solution to room heating or they can equally supplement an existing heating system. With a selection of 50 different kits, from 4 different ranges, there is always an Elektra solution to your heating requirements. The application of heating mats is very broad, from homes to office buildings, hotels, public utilities, even luxury Yachts and ships.

Research shows that electric floor heating is the most favourable heating system for a human being, as it takes into consideration the physiological distribution of temperature.

Thanks to the low thickness of the product, the heating mat can be used in the adaptation and redecoration of existing structures that perhaps do not allow for the floor to be elevated. The heating mat system is also used in new build projects in the construction industry avoiding the necessity to spoil the aesthetics of room decoration with unsightly radiators or convector heaters.

The Elektra heating mat can be used with most types of floor covering, tiled, wood laminate, stone, terracotta, as well as the carpeting. It's a very effective reheating system, and where the floor construction offers good thermal insulation below the floor it may be successfully used as the basic heating system.

The assembly of a heating mat system from is very simple. Each Heating Mat kit is supplied with full and comprehensive instructions for installation and operation.

The .pdf downloads require Adobe Acrobat Reader to view them.

It is important that the simple electrical connection work is carried out by a qualified and approved electrician.

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